Treasury Tip:

Here's a tip: Fill up all 18 Treasury tags. That makes it easier for Etsy admin to find and feature your Treasury! Don't forget to read all Merchandising Themes; they can give you Treasury making inspiration.

New Member Welcome And Advice

Welcome to Selection Perfection.  We are glad to have you and your talent!  Before you curate your first team treasury, please review this information:

Making a Team Treasury
1. Do not include yourself!
2. Do not include more than one shop item from each individual.  For example, claireandjanae and claireandmedesigns are two shops on our team owned by one individual.  Only include one item from the two shops.  
3. You must include at least 5 Selection Perfection members for each team treasury you complete.
4. It is advisable to use all 18 tags when creating a treasury.
5. Make it look great - for ideas you may wish to use the current merchandising report found on Etsy's Blog.

1. Tag individual shop items "spteam"
2. Tag Selection Perfection treasuries "spteam"

Required Treasury Numbers:
1. Each team member is required to complete at least 5 team Treasuries per month.
2. New members should convo ShelleAnne to determine how many Treasuries you need to complete during their first month of membership.  It could be as few as 1 Treasury, depending on when you join during the month.

Turning in Team Treasuries:
1. You must turn in your team treasuries for them to be counted.  A link to turn them in is on the left side of the Etsy team page under the "Elsewhere" category.  It will be labelled with the current month.

Additional Resources:
1. The Etsy Team Page has many discussions and helpful posts.  Please review it often, if not every time or every other time you log into Etsy.
2. Review the SP team member list, as it changes fairly often, as is the case with most Treasury teams.
3. Please review the Team Blog often.  It is also recommended that you enter the Team Challenges.
4. If you have any further questions, please convo a member of leadership for help.