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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Seller Treasury Challenge: Dalim

Welcome to our first Seller Treasury Challenge. Here's how it works: you may pick ANY item out of Dalim's shop and build a Selection Perfection Treasury featuring it. Please feature the item you select somewhere in the top 3 rows.

I selected Dalim (or Funda; her real name) for three reasons:
1. She created our first team Front Page. (Hooray! This is the main reason.)
2. She is an extremely active team member.
3. Finally, my friend, (who is Not an Etsy user!) liked her shop avatar. ;-)

Here are the rules/details for the challenge:

1. Each treasury must feature 6 Selection Perfection team members.
2. Anyone with an Etsy account can join in on the fun, whether they are on the team or not. It is not mandatory for the team members. You may enter multiple times if you wish.
3. Please follow our team blog.
4. Please tag the Treasury: "SelectPerfect"
5. Please tag the Treasury: "SPChallenge"
6. Please tag the Treasury: "Dalim"
7. Please include the words "Treasury Challenge" in the treasury title and link back to this blog entry; this is Very important, so read it again!
8. Come back and include a link to your treasury in the comments section of this blog entry.
9. This challenge ends November 23, 2010 at midnight, CST.

Just a tip: pay attention to the symbols next to each seller, if they have a symbol. That means they have more than one shop. Do not include more than one item from an individual in your awesome treasury!


  1. Here is mine:

  2. Lovely idea;
    Here is mine:)

  3. OMG! Thank you so much! I'm so lucky and feel so honored!

    You all know that I'd like to reciprocate ASAP. But that might lead to a divorce, since DH already complains about not seeing much of me these days. So, give me some time, OK? He really is a good man, worth keeping :)

  4. Hehehe Funda- mine too:) (hubby that is)
    Here is my treasury for the challenge

    Lauren of lapisbeach

  5. Here is mine!

  6. So excited to participate in my first treasury challenge! Here it is:

    Stephanie @ harlow ~ monroe

  7. hey there.. here's my treasury for Funda :)

  8. what a great idea! here's mine from luncheonettevintage

  9. I really enjoyed picking everything for mine...

  10. Hello from a new member! Here's a challenge for Dalim:

    Easy to find great items form among this crowd.

    Jen of minusOne

  11. finally, my first treasury


  13. Here is mine,

  14. Here's my entry!

  15. we managed to get some quiet free time!

    hope you enjoy!

  16. Here is mine:


  18. And another from me: