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Monday, January 17, 2011

First Jingle Mingle Treasury Winner: JarosDesigns

I decided to feature three incredible winners for the Jingle Mingle Treasury, as there were three main teams that participated. Here is an interview with the incredible Analisa of JarosDesigns, who was a member of Curation Nation (at the time.) She entered several times, and was even featured on the Front Page with one entry, "Playdate." Hooray!

ShelleAnne: What inspired you to open an Etsy Shop?

JarosDesigns: My mom told me about Etsy when I first started making jewelry and encouraged me to sell since I was making more than I could ever wear or give away!

ShelleAnne: What is your favorite element/item of your shop?

: I love designing each piece, but I have really enjoyed learning how to photograph.

ShelleAnne: What recent improvement from Etsy do you like the most?

: I love the Taste Test, love activity feed - I have found so many amazing shops that way! I also love being able to search my favorite shops - makes making treasuries to much easier!

ShelleAnne: List your four favorite Etsy shops, if you can keep it to just four!

JarosDesigns: I have 176 pages of favorite shops so far, it's hard to keep it to four, but some of my favs are:

The Peach Tree

Oh my gosh, I could go on and on!

ShelleAnne: How do you find inspiration for building an Etsy Treasury?

JarosDesigns: I find inspiration in activity feed lately - I'll see someone favorite something I haven't seen before or through the Taste Test - that's so much fun!

Thanks so much to JarosDesigns for her participation and time! It's always fun meeting new Etsy members.

Stay tuned for the other two Jingle Mingle winners; they are just as awesome!


  1. Thanks so much! This was such a fun challenge!

  2. Great interview!!! Analisa makes some of the most beautiful treasuries! Congratulations :)