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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Seller Challenge: MysticWynd

Retro Modern Beaded Necklace in Spring Green

Congratulations to MysticWynd, winner of the most recent Selection Perfection seller challenge! Our next challenge will center around her jewelry shop. If you'd like to participate, please read the instructions carefully so your entry is valid.
1. Each treasury must feature at least 5 Selection Perfection team members, including, of course, an item of your choice from the featured seller's shop.
***Be sure your 5 team members are currently members, please!
2. Anyone with an Etsy account can join in on the fun, whether they are on the team or not. You may enter multiple times if you wish.
3. You must follow our team blog if you enter.
4. Please tag the Treasury: "spteam"
5. Please tag the Treasury: "spchallenge"
6. Please tag the Treasury: mysticwynd
7. DO NOT include the words "Treasury Challenge" in the treasury title! But still include a link back to this blog entry in your comments; this is very important!
8. Come back to this blog and include a link to your treasury in the comments section of this blog entry.
9. The winner will be the Featured Seller for the next Seller Treasury Challenge, an awesome chance for more exposure, views, and sales!

Best of luck!


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  2. How very cool! Thank you so much!