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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Themed Challenge: My Mother Always...

My Mother Always Takes Sugar In Her Tea
Our newest Themed Challenge: "My Mother Always _________" You fill in the blank. My example from above is My Mother Always Takes Sugar In Her Tea. Some other examples: My Mother Always Smells Like Roses, with a rose colored theme; My Mother Always Walks The Dog On Sunday, with a cute pet theme. Think of something special about your mother, and dedicate this challenge to her! Please use My Mother Always in the title.

Challenge Rules:
1. Each treasury must feature at least 5 Selection Perfection team member.
2. Anyone with an Etsy account can join in on the fun, whether they are on the team or not. The challenge is not mandatory for team members. You may enter as many times as you like!
3. You must follow our team blog.
4. Please use the themed title, but do not use the term "Treasury Challenge"
5. Please tag the Treasury: "spteam"
6. Please tag the Treasury: "spchallenge"
7. Please tag the Treasury: "Mothers Day
8. You must include a link back to this blog entry in the description.
9. Come back and include a link to your treasury in the comments section of this blog entry. No need to leave a message, just the link will do.
10. If you are a team member, go ahead and submit the collection as one of your monthly required treasuries.
11. The winner will be contacted and featured in a mini ad on the right side of the blog.

Challenge will end May 5, 2012.
Best of luck and have fun and be creative!