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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Team Interview: CicaleTdesigns

Name: Tami Cicale
Location: Right outside of Annapolis, Maryland
Shop: CicaleTdesigns -

LinkTami's Shop Favorites - CicaleTdesigns on Etsy

Rachelle: Tell me a little about yourself. How would you describe your work/shop?
Tami: My name is Tami Cicale, 38, married with two boys, 14 and 4. I work full time as a police officer, my assignment for the past seven years is at the Police Academy teaching annual training to experienced officers. I usually only have time on the weekends and few evenings to spend on my Etsy shops. My week nights tend to be crazy with the boys and sports and the rest of life.

Rachelle: How would you describe your work/shop? Who should definitely stop by?
Tami: I work with a variety of mediums- crystals, gemstones, metals, resin and always tons of beads. I think I have an addiction to buying beads- I can't seem to help myself. I make just one of each item and usually have no idea what I am going to come up with until I sit down and start moving pieces around. I like to mix materials together to come up with something really different.

I think my work appeals to those looking for a unique and bold accessory. They go just as easy with work attire as casual weekend wear.

Rachelle: What keeps you motivated?
I keep motivated and inspired by attending bead shows, art fairs, looking through magazines and at interior design and color trends.

Rachelle: What inspires your treasuries?
Tami: I love to make treasuries with a theme, usually color based. I tend to create treasuries that have more of a dreamy, soft, pretty feel. I hope that those featured like the end result and appreciate the effort.

I love the tools from - Huge time saver and makes it much more enjoyable. I try not to take my treasuries that seriously. I hope my treasuries are enjoyed and maybe will help the featured artist get exposure or even sales. I Captain a treasury building team and we definitely work hard at making treasuries each month but we also realize it should be for fun and we all still have shops and lives to run.

Rachelle: What are your three favorite Etsy shops?




I also have a second shop here on Etsy- Hair adornments


Rachelle: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Luckily- I get to retire in seven years. I see myself still making my jewelry and hair accessories. I would love to have some real space to work, instead of my dining room. I keep threatening to take over my oldest sons room the minute he leaves for college. I have a hard time keeping track of the thousands of beads and findings I have when I keep re-packing my space all the time.
I really enjoy the sense of community here on Etsy and try to stay away from getting sucked into some of the forums where people tend to get way to nasty and sarcastic for my taste. I love my teams and hope to continue finding new ways to promote one another.

My favorite selections from CicaleTdesigns on Etsy

Here is some more from Tami (Read for some great tips!):
Tami: I have come a long way with my photography skills here and discovered that even the best photo could use a little editing.
I spend a lot of time on merchandising my items, setting up the right backgrounds and props to really showcase them. I faux finished some poster boards to come up with my own backgrounds and use a lot of paper from specialty shops and Micheal's crafts.
A great source for backgrounds is to see if your local paint store has any expired wallpaper books that you can have. They usually throw them away so its a great way to recycle them into some useful for your shop.

Pictures of Tami's "Studio"

Before ------------ After

-Reporting By Rachelle Sharp of ShelleAnne

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