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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Team Interview: victoriaruhl

Victoria Ruhl

Name: Victoria Ruhl
Location: Worcester, MA (central MA, about an hour west of Boston)
Shop: victoriaruhl
Rachelle: Tell me a little about yourself:
Victoria: I am a graduate student by day, getting my PhD in cancer Biology at Umass Medical School. I needed a hobby to take my mind off of school and lab at night so I got into making my own jewelry and a few items for friends and family. After a suggestion to look into opening up shop on Etsy, my little shop got its start and my signature wire wrapped studs were born! So my life goes like this: work in lab 9-12 hours a day (average about 10 hours a day) then whatever free time I have before going to bed is dedicated to filling orders. :)

Victoria's Favorite - her signature studs - victoriaruhl on Etsy

Rachelle: How would you describe your work/shop? Who should definitely stop by?
Victoria: I like to think that you could own a pair of studs for any outfit and any function. :) I wear my own earrings everyday (it's nice when I can just make myself a pair to match any outfit I have own!) but I think women of any age group can appreciate a great pair of stud earrings. The studs are lightweight and easy to wear. Anyone who loves a bit of sparkle would love the earrings!

Rachelle: What keeps you motivated?
Victoria: If you couldn't tell from my description of myself, I hate being bored. I really can't sit and not do anything, so I guess my motivation is keeping myself busy. And I also love seeing my little business grow!

Rachelle: Do you have any advice for those who are new to treasury making?
Victoria: Definitely make sure you have a nice flow to the items in your treasury and also a good mix of items. I love looking at treasuries that feel like a work of art.

Rachelle: What inspires your treasuries?
Victoria: I usually will look at a shop and find one item that catches my eye and base the treasury off that one item. Sometimes I also pick a theme out of the merchandising report.

My Favorites from victoriaruhl on Etsy

Rachelle: What are your three favorite Etsy shops?
Victoria: This is so hard to pick just 3!
1. I love IslaNewYork's clothing -
2. I also love these headbands - - We both sell our items at a local shop and I have bought a couple of her headbands there. :)
3. The vintage dresses here are awesome: - I am always browsing through it, wishing I had more places to wear a vintage dress!

Rachelle: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Victoria: Hopefully working at a successful pharmaceutical company (gotta put the PhD to work!) and still making stud earrings in my free time!

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